Pincher Creek Community Adult Learning Council

The mission of the Pincher Creek Community Adult Learning Council is to promote and facilitate opportunities for life-long learning.

The members of the Pincher Creek Community Adult Learning Council are committed to planning and promoting programming so that you can access lifelong learning opportunities in your home community. We believe that taking part in ongoing learning enhances the quality of life, and helps you meet your personal and professional goals. Let us know your needs and interests! This will help us plan other learning opportunities using local expertise and accessing speakers from other communities.


Monica Sczyrba-Davis, Coordinator
403-339-1556 Community Adult Learning Program & Read/Write Adult Literacy Program

Annie Steward - Admin Assistant - Community Adult Learning Council


Wayne Camber - President and Chair
Cheryl Handford - Secretary - Member at Large
Lynn Teneycke - Group Group Youth
Susan Gerber - Vice President, Member at Large
Ria Frith - Food For Thought, McMann Services
Janice Day - Pincher Creek Municipal Library Joanne Mack, Member at Large
John Taylor - Off Campus Coordinator for Mathew Halton and St. Michael's School Divisions