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Programs may be offered by Zoom, in-person, by phone or by delivery package depending on each situation/circumstance. Please confirm at time of registration how your program will be offered.







972 Police Avenue, SE entrance

We are also available to help with navigating upgrading, post-secondary and funding opportunities as well as registration processes and getting transcripts.

PIncher CReek Community ADult Learning 2022-23 PROGRAMS

403-339-1556 call or text, mon-thurs, 9-3

Learner Supports

Do you need some help with locating your transcripts, choosing how to move forward on GED, upgrading, post-secondary, grade 5-9 Math for Adults, or help with forms? Call us and we will do our best to support your learning pathway!

English Language Learning Programs and Tutoring

If you were born in Canada or new to our community we have tutors, online options and a conversation class that can help you with English reading, writing, speaking and listening skills. Please call us to make an appointment so we can determine how best to support you.


Pincher Creek & Fort Macleod CALP

Education and Employment Readiness Opportunity-2024-DRAFT


Opportunity: 34 facilitated workshops that guide participants to deeper personal development, adult learning skills and strategies, self-identified employment or education goals and the community connections to make it happen.

When: February 6th- May 30th, Tuesdays and Thursdays: 9:30-11:30am, online & in-person options.

Program Requirements:

Participants who are ready to invest their time must commit to attending the required programming dates in order to move forward. Participants must have reliable transportation for in-person or WIFI & device for online learning.

Program Opportunity includes:

  • 34 workshops,
  • Connections to ongoing learning through Taber Adult Learning Adult Based Education/Highschool completion options, Columbia College, Norquest College, Red Crow College and more,
  • Connections to Training Inc. Strive 2 Employment opportunity which includes workplace experience,
  • Access to weekly Drop-In Coaching from an Instructor Specialist and Elder, as well as welcoming learning space with laptop and WIFI access,
  • Referral services for basic needs and community supports,
  • Access to continued learning with Learner’s License Preparation Program, and Digital Device Coaching,
  • Gas cards for participants with transportation limitations (please speak with staff to make arrangements),
  • Opportunity to connect with other adult students working through similar challenges,
  • At home learning opportunities for personal development.

Cost: $50/person; cost may be waived if a barrier to learning. Program is subsidized by Advanced Education funding. Fees can be e-transferred to

Registration deadline: January 24th, 2023. There is a waiting list option, and ongoing registration may be considered. Call 403-339-1556 to register. Name, address, email, phone number, emergency contact, disclosure of information permission are all required upon registration.


(subject to change based on student need/facilitator availability)




Student Orientation/Intake

February 6


Getting Unstuck

February 8


Growth Mindset

February 13


Limiting Beliefs

February 15



February 20


Confidence & Motivation

February 22



February 27


Personal Coaching Day-Intake form

February 29


Your Learning Style

March 5th


Colours Workshop-How you relate to yourself and others

March 7th


Trauma & Learning 1

March 12


Trauma & Learning 2

March 14


Employment Journey 1

March 19


Employment Journey 2

March 21


Vision Board

March 26


How to be an Adult Student 1

March 28


How to be an Adult Student 2

April 2nd


Goal Setting & Follow Through

April 4th


Math-Assessment for Next Steps

April 9th


CALP Team Meeting-bring your list of questions

April 11th


UP Skills-Problem Solving

April 16th


Up Skills-Communication

April 18th


Up Skills-Accountability

April 23rd


Up Skills-Conflict

April 25th


Up Skills-Study Skills

April 30th


Up Skills-Stress Management

May 9th


Personal Coaching Day

May 2


Up Skills-Writing for Workplace

May 7


Up Skills-Reading for Workplace

May 14


Interview Skills-Training Inc

May 16th



May 21st



May 23



May 28


Final Presentations & Celebration Day!!!

May 30


Join our Conversation Cafe 85 by 11

Math and English Preparation Program grades 5-9 for Adults

Ongoing enrolment, please call for details

Funding options available, please call to register

for twice weekly, one-on-one or small groups class options.

Learners License Preparation Program 10-weeks on Zoom 

Fall and Spring Dates available, on Wednesdays from 4-6pm.

This program prepares participants to be successful with writing their Learners License test. Various learning strategies are shared and practiced along with test anxiety tools. This is a program designed to help those who have perhaps struggled with previous tests or would benefit from in-depth study tools.

Potential Best Program

October-May, Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9:30-11:30am.

4-6 workshops per program.

This program is designed to support participants with moving forward on goal setting, employment and learning journey next steps. Courses covered are based on group needs but focus on Confidence Building, Getting Unstuck, Goal Setting and Follow Through, Getting Organized for Life and Learning, Self-Care and Stress Management tools.

Cost: $50, fee is waived if a barrier to learning. Registration Deadline: 1 week prior to each new program start date.

Employment Readiness Program

Zoom based training to support existing or new employees with Essential Workplace Skills such as Motivation, Communication, Problem Solving, Collaboration, Boundaries, Presentation Skills, Numeracy, Digital Literacy and more. Call for your customized program and details. 403-339-1556


The Community Adult Learning Program endeavors to reduce barriers to learning in our community. If financial need is expressed in person or by a referring agency, CALP fees will be reduced or waived as needed.
Course dates/offering/fees are subject to change without notice based on changing needs of community/organizations/COVID-19 best practices.
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